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MDMA and Associated Compounds

MDMA and Associated Compounds

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This three (3) day course presents synthesis of commonly used elements of MDMA and associated compounds through practical laboratory exercises. Qualitative analyses of precursors, products and waste materials will be performed. Also, scene response, safety considerations and recently observed tableting trends will be discussed. Each class will be limited to six (6) students.



Instructor A Certified Instructor.
Teaching Methods
Demonstrations, synthesis experiments, qualitative analysis exercises, and classroom lectures and discussions.
Students will be able to recognize and characterize common MDMA synthetic reaction routes, to choose appropriate analytical approaches for MDMA and associated compounds, and be aware of inherent safety considerations.
Must be proficient with instrumentation and sample preparation techniques for qualitative analysis. General knowledge of organic synthesis techniques is desirable.
Familiarization with nomenclature of relevant compounds.
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Tuition $
Course Contact
Neda Khoshkebari, (916) 695-1808, (916) 695-1800

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