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Introduction to Forensic Toxicology

Introduction to Forensic Toxicology

Class Code
Subject Area
T - Toxicology Program
Class Description 

This one-week (36-hour) course will present a systematic approach to processing biological samples for the presence of drugs and poisons, and an introduction to fundamental theoretical principles applied to toxicology and drug analytes. Course topics include postmortem, antemortem toxicology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, sample preparation and extraction techniques, instrumentation (GCMS, LCMS, immunoassay), and basic classes of drug analytes (alcohol, CNS depressants, stimulants, etc.). Priority admission to this course will be afforded to California public crime laboratory personnel. It is directed towards those who are currently, or are soon to be, assigned responsibility for forensic toxicological analyses.





Instructor Craig Triebold
Teaching Methods
Participatory lectures and demonstrations.
1) To understand analytical processes used in forensic toxicological laboratories. 2) To learn fundamental theoretical principles applied to forensic toxicological samples. 3) To understand general concepts and properties of various classes of drug analytes.
Familiarity with fundamentals of college level chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and/or clinical sciences is highly encouraged
Pre-course reading material may be provided.
Materials Fee
Tuition No cost to POST supported or State of California based Law Enforcement agencies. A $600.00 tuition fee will be required of all other public agency, private sector, or out-of-state applicants.
Course Contact
Neda Khoshkebari, (916) 695-1808, (916) 695-1800

Location Start Date
Rancho Cordova 02/04/19 08:00 AM

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