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Firearms and Toolmarks Introduction-II

Firearms and Toolmarks Introduction-II

Class Code
Subject Area
E-Firearms and Impression Evidence Program
Class Description 

This one-week (40-hour) course follows E102 for the new firearms examiner. The course continues through a typical firearms case at the point that actual striation or impression comparisons start. The course will set the basis for the most important part of the firearm and toolmark case-the actual comparison. Topics covered in this course include the history, manufacture and nomenclature of tools, origin of markings on projectiles and casings, concepts of uniqueness, test-firing practices, and an introduction to the comparison of striated and impressed marks. Each class is limited to 12 students.



Instructor A Certified Instructor.
Teaching Methods
Classroom lectures, video recordings and practical workshops, and laboratory exercises.
Students will be required to examine firearms and ammunition components, compare mechanical models of striations, compare tests and unknown marks, compare bullets and test firings, and write reports of conclusions.
Successful completion of E102 Firearm Safety E101 is recommended.
Pre-course reading material may be assigned.
Materials Fee
Tuition $
Course Contact
CCI (916) 695-1800

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