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Tire Track and Tire Impression Evidence Examination (For Examiners)

Tire Track and Tire Impression Evidence Examination (For Examiners)

Class Code
Subject Area
E-Firearms and Impression Evidence Program
Class Description 

This 5-day (40-hour) course provides essential information for examiners of tire impression evidence who write reports and testify about their observations and conclusions. Basic tire construction and manufacturing, as it assists in the evaluation of class characteristics, is addressed. Class characteristics related to noise treatments are explained. Tire wear and random individual characteristics, which enable stronger associations of a tire, are discussed. Students will conduct numerous exercises and case examinations. Exercise results will be discussed to teach and re-enforce fundamental examination methodology and observations. These discussions will provide experience with a variety of types of examination results and the reporting of those results. Hands-on experience with creating exemplary impressions of tires will be included, as will information about retread tires, tire databases and other resources.


Instructor A Certified Instructor.
Teaching Methods
Lectures, practical exercises, critiques, discussions, and examination.
To gain familiarity with principles, techniques and systematic practices used for the collection, recovery, preservation and examination of tires, tire track, and tire impression evidence.
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Tuition $
Course Contact
CCI (916) 695-1800

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