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Short Tandem Repeat (STR) II Analysis and Typing

Short Tandem Repeat (STR) II Analysis and Typing

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Subject Area
R - Biology and DNA Program
Class Description 


This 5-day (40-hour) course will provide students with in-depth training on interpretation issues regarding short tandem repeat (STR) typing of both single source samples and mixtures. It includes 2 days of hands-on training with GenemapperIDX software on data sets and electronic capillary electrophoresis data from sample amplified during the STR I course. Lectures on diagnosis of DNA extracts via qPCR, chromosome anomalies (trisomies, chimeric and mosaic individuals), low template DNA STR typing, identification of human remains (STR miniplexes), considerations for uploading forensic profile to CODIS, basic concepts in population statistics, e and court issues are also included.

Previously Scheduled Classes

6/19/2017 - Los Angeles

6/13/16- Los Angeles

6/01/2015 - Richmond

5/18/2015 - Los Angeles


Teaching Methods
Classroom lectures, software exercises, and group discussions
Students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in practical and written tests
R251 Short Tandem Repeat (STR) I Analysis and Typing
Materials Fee
Tuition $
Course Contact
Neda Khoshkebari, 916-464-5599, (916)464-0600

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